Oliver Fels

Guest Trainer


Oliver Fels has been the first independent European speaker at the 1997 JAVAOne conference and the first independent to speak three years in a row. Since then, Oliver Fels has been working in major industries developing complex systems, filling various roles - as a project manager, department lead, systems engineer, architect, product owner, requirements and methodology engineer, and more. As a leading systems engineer, he supported revolutionize the Zürich public transport system, being responsible for the new passenger information concept. In a department lead role, he redesigned hands-on the first and business class sections for the 21st century of various international airlines. With his high interest for sustainability and renewable energy, Oliver was also an active member of the Solar Impulse 2 project, the first solar flight around the world accomplished by Swiss entrepeneur and pioneer Bertrand Piccard. Oliver is currently actively supporting sustainability and renewable energy projects using blockchain technology and is the inventor of the sustainability engineering methodology, which uses system engineering principles to aid enterprises structuring their sustainability strategies. Oliver has held several speeches and international workshops in the area of systems engineering, IT security, and software development as well as coached engineers in leadership, requirements engineering, and other topics. Having worked in various diversity environments, he highly emphasizes an intercultural and interoperational approach to working with people in which individualtiy and empathy are highly valued. As such, bringing his broad expertise to a wider audience is an important passion for him.

  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering