Marco Serra

Guest Trainer


Marco’s professional experience, built over almost 30 years of working with clients in North America, Europe and Southern Africa, spans diverse roles in the aerospace, automotive, defence and energy industries. For example, as Systems Engineer Marco was involved in the initial conceptual development and technology transfer assessment of a sample handling and analysis system intended to receive and analyse material returned to Earth on Nasa’s Mars Sample Return Mission. Marco also spends significant time consulting in the Oil & Gas and Energy industries providing system and component design support, conducting failure investigations, providing technical expertise in legal disputes, validating system designs, and developing analysis methodologies for complex fluid-mechanical simulations. More recently, Marco has been working on the thermomechanical design of optical terminals for inter-satellite communications.

  • Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Pretoria, South Africa,1993).
  • Masters Degree in Engineering and Management (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 2002), with a focus on Systems Architecture, Systems Engineering, and System and Project Management.