Marco Di Maio

Guest Trainer


In his role as research fellow at Europe's largest fusion laboratory, JET near Oxford, Marco devised a novel diagnostic system, which earned him a world-wide patent. Marco then worked for the automotive industry managing product development and launch projects for the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Russia before co-founding projectglobe with the purpose to devise novel methodologies, frameworks and tools that combine MBSE with IM to enable effective innovation and product development. Together with partners from industry and academia, projectglobe have developed CLOSE - a Closed-Loop MBSE methodology based on robust semantic reference model. This model allows to automatically generate the required engineering artefacts in the correct format for SE teams and domain experts alike. The loop is closed by so-called "Experimentable" Digital Twins that provide in-the-loop feedback for all developers throughout the whole product life cycle. CLOSE runs on projectglobe's fractal data engine and thus allows for unlimited scalability in managing all project information.

  • PhD Nuclear Engineering
  • Masters in Operational Research
  • Past Professor at a Technical University
  • Consultant for and employee in the development of complex systems
  • Managing Director of Projectglobe - a boutique consultancy firm specialising in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Information Management (IM) to support innovation driven engineering projects