The SE-ZERT® program has initiated a unique opportunity for current holders of the INCOSE CSEP and ESEP accreditations to gain the Certified Systems Engineer (GfSE)® Level B accreditation with minimal effort, paying just an administrative fee for the process (in the cases where sufficient evidence for soft skills can be provided). This opportunity is open until November 2023.

By gaining the Certified Systems Engineer (GfSE)® Level B accreditation, senior Systems Engineers and managers can target gaining the Certified Systems Engineer (GfSE)® Level A. The Level A accreditation is designed for e supporting the professional development achievements of people working in expert Systems Engineering roles. See more information below:

To achieve the Level A accreditation, candidates need to pass an interview based on a personal statement and a critical analysis of a Systems Engineering publication. See more information below:

One of the significant differences between the INCOSE SEP and SE-ZERT® programs is the latter includes a mandatory soft skills training course. . SE-ZERT considers soft skills to be as important as technical skills to the performance of a Systems Engineer. Where candidates want to gain the additional SE-ZERT accreditation but are lacking evidence of soft skills abilities, SE-Training GmbH’s 2-day training course, Self and Social Competence for Engineers is sufficient for compliance.

All members of INCOSE will receive a 10% discount for attending the above training course.

If you have any questions relating to the SE-ZERT program, feel free to contact Markus Walker.

Mr. Markus Walker

Secretary of the Swiss Society of Systems Engineering (SSSE)