3 reasons why classroom learning is better than online training

Post-pandemic the convenience and flexibility of online learning has remained the main reasons why many students and professionals prefer this method above classroom learning – attending in-person lectures and courses. However, there are a number of reasons why and instances when classroom learning is the better alternative.

Reliance on technology

Depending on where you are in the world, you might be experiencing poor internet connection, frequent electricity interruptions or inadequate access to the necessary hardware to participate in online classes. If you are sitting in a class, the professor or instructor can still continue with their lessons even if the wifi goes down, or if your laptop’s camera and speaker aren’t working properly.

Personal connections

It’s natural for people to engage in conversation outside a classroom door if they’ve arrived early, or to linger around after the class has ended to continue discussions with other students or attendees. Online classes don’t facilitate these spontaneous conversations as effectively, meaning we miss out on making personal connections with our fellow students. These personal connections not only satisfy our basic need for social interaction, but also enriches our learning experience and provides opportunity for us to clarify complex theories and verify our understanding of the material presented in class.

Minimizing distractions

When you’re in class, your phone is on silent, there’s no doorbell that can ring, or neighbour that can start using a powertool, or child that can run in needing your attention. The classroom has been designed to minimize distractions, enabling you to focus on the material and absorb and process the maximum amount of that information given. When studying online at home, the natural instinct is to quickly mute the class to take a call from a delivery driver, or quickly run to get the laundry started, or check up on a barking dog. In person learning helps ensure the maximum return on the time that you’ve set aside to invest in your education and professional development.

Online learning is definitely here to stay, and so it should be – it has improved access to learning worldwide for millions of people. But classroom learning is not going anywhere, and for many people is the preferred method of receiving instruction and education. SE-Training provides classroom courses in a number of European countries including France, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany.

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