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Project Managers' Essentials

Why PM principles are relevant to Systems Engineers.

By Piet Belgraver, 12/7/2018

I'm an engineer!

What has Project Management got to do with me?!

At some point Development / Analysis Engineers, Verification and Validation Leads and Systems Engineers will have direct or indirect contact with Project Management. It is also possible that they are acting in the role of Project Managers, are transitioning into becoming a Project Manager or working with project teams in close liaison with Project Managers. Basically Engineers will invariably be affected by Project Management and so will be required to know some fundamental elements of this core discipline for realising complex projects.

Simultaneously, ever more enterprises are realising that consistent and effective Project Management improves productivity, increases interactions between projects and reduces the risk of going over budget, subsequently failing to meet deadlines for delivery. Therefore, Engineers and Project Managers require essential knowledge of Project Management, to enable the effective realisation of their enterprise’s objectives.

The Project Managers’ Essentials course is designed to provide (novice) Project Managers and Engineers that essential knowledge.

Throughout the course, the roots of Project Management will be explored. The Project Management processes involved will be explained, with special focus on how they interconnect, and how to implement them in a structured way to initiate, plan, execute, control and close projects. The details of Project Management processes such as scope, time, cost, quality and human resources will be explored in detail. In addition to discussing areas of communication, risk management, procurement and stakeholder management, the associated techniques, do’s and don’ts, known pitfalls etc. in these domains will be explained.

The course involves practical work with sample projects; the attendees will experience first-hand, the application of the theoretical material and will have an opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate with other attendees and the trainer. The course will be kept small to maximise the benefit of these collaborative interactions.

The course duration is three days; one will not magically become an experienced Project Manager, but will have the essential tool box so as to be equipped for a new role in Project Management. For those who are already involved in Project Management, their understanding will be more refined and their tools will be sharper, resulting in more successful projects in the future.

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