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Systems Engineering Foundations

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By Mike Johnson, 20/6/2018

SE Training's three-day Foundation Course is very much at the core of our educational and professional development services. The Foundation Course is designed to enable the realisation of SE Training's vision: to be the first choice provider for cross-functional engineering training courses in Europe.

SE Training offers a further 24 cross-functional engineering courses, all of which have been established and developed upon this fundamental building block.

Our Foundation Course covers the core topics expected to be included in an introductory level systems engineering course - such as Requirements Engineering, Systems Thinking and Systems Architecting.

Additionally, we cover other topics to offer a different perspective, including performing an in-depth critical review of a number of case studies. The critical review of these case studies reveals certain successes and failures that can be directly linked to the application - or lack thereof – of effective systems engineering.

Each day closes with a ninety-minute workshop, where the topics of the day are applied on a novel project. This is where the learning process moves to the next level. The Attendees – are assembled into small, [competitive] groups and need to apply systems engineering methodologies and processes to a previously unknown problem.

Maintaining a low ratio of Attendees to Trainers (no greater than 6:1), optimises the quality of the delivery of the training and maximises the learning benefits to the Attendees. The Trainers are practising Systems Engineering managers and have worked across four industries, and in three countries. Their experiences enable our Trainers to effectively understand the unique needs of the Attendees, and developing this understanding enables a tailored learning for each Attendee to bring back to their unique enterprises working within their unique environments on their unique projects.

Following the second day of the course, all Attendees are invited out for an evening meal, which encourages the flow of dialogue in a less formal environment.

The course has been run three times in the past year. Below is some feedback from those who have previously attended the course:

  • “Experienced trainers with good practical examples.”
  • “Both trainers have a lot of experience in different industries which is of high value.”
  • “Content of the course was a good balance between “overview” & “detail”.”
  • “Overall great training and well worth the money.”
  • “Presentation of the course was professional and easy to follow. I gained insight into new methods and tools. Thanks for the course, I really appreciated it!”

The SE Training Team build on each successful course delivery and seek to further improve the quality of the next course. The above quotes are the most recent validation of SE Training’s aim to deliver high quality cross-functional engineering training courses.

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