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Improving the Results of Reviews and Inspections

People make mistakes. Don't let it cost you a fortune.

By Niels Malotaux, 20/6/2018

People make mistakes. We are people. So, if we completed a document, plan, design, model, code, contract, and the like, there are still issues. If we ask others to take a fresh look at it, they will find things we didn’t see, which helps us to minimize the waste created if the issues would be allowed to pollute the next stage.

Research shows that reviews as they are usually performed catch only a fraction of the really important issues that better be found. Document Inspection is a very economical technique for eliminating and, more importantly, preventing issues. With only a few hours of proper Inspection training, people can find many more issues in a document, where they first found only one or two minor ones.

We ask you to bring three copies of one or two pages of a (e.g. requirements-) document that is not too confidential and being used in your current project, perhaps even already reviewed in the usual way. Then you will show yourself the power of proper Inspections. By using your own document, you’ll learn most.

Warning: After the Inspection exercise you may decide to discard your document as unacceptable! But you’ll know why, and you’ll have learnt what to do about it.

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