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Solving MBSE Adoption Challenges

Transform your game with a human-centred approach

By Mohammad Chami, 14/3/2018

Systems Engineering process lifecycle activities performed by systems engineers can be distinguished into two distinct methods: Document-Based Systems Engineering (DBSE) and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). DBSE is known as the traditional method and its life cycle activities generate documents as artifacts, whereas MBSE generates system models which are considered as the primary artifacts.

MBSE does not necessary change the “what to do” by systems engineers, instead it changes the “how to do it”. Indeed, its adoption is very challenging in real world applications where modeling can be used in so many different ways. MBSE adoption faces a wide range of challenges such as adoption strategy, awareness and change resistance, purpose and scope definition, method definition, executive level sponsorship, tool dependency integration as well as many other challenges. These can be classified based on common factors such as: human, financial, organizational and technological.

The human factors together with the proper MBSE understanding plays a crucial role in solving major MBSE adoption challenges. SE-Training presents MBSE courses that provide the fundamental and practical aspects of MBSE concepts in order to optimize its deployment, reduce its investment cost and increase its adoption benefits.

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