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Quality on Time.

The right results, at the right time. Every time.

By Niels Malotaux, 20/6/2018

How to deliver the right results, at the right time. No excuses needed.

Of course, the projects you’re in are always delivered successfully and on time. Or, perhaps not always. You may know some projects by people who, although quite capable in their profession, deliver late, which in turn may affect the cost and the quality of what they do deliver.

For example: a space project led by very capable Systems Engineers who were developing an Earth observation instrument. They said: “We’re very good at this, what do you think you can still add to that?” This is a relevant question.

Well, capable as they were, they lacked still one important element of projects: being on time. After some training and coaching, 9 weeks later and ever since, they were never late and delivered their project result one day early rather than the usual one year late, saving the company millions.

If you or others you know can benefit as much as these space engineers (as well as systems, intelligence, railway, highway, agro, building automation, software, and electronic product development engineers), you may draw their attention to the course: “Quality on Time”. On the course, we will introduce the techniques these engineers learned to routinely be not only successful but on time as well.

If you think, just like these space engineers, that high-achieving professionals cannot deliver their results even faster than they already do, this course will make you think differently.

We will study and exercise techniques on how to consistently:

  • improve our effectiveness and efficiency
  • how to predict what we will have done and when
  • do something about it if we see we won't make it on time, because failure is not an option
  • solve the discipline problem
  • maximise our intuition mechanism
  • continuously balance priorities
  • keep focus
  • cope with differences in disciplines and cultures
  • adopt a Zero-Defect attitude
  • prevent stakeholder complaints.

Are you and your colleagues already doing all these things? Do you think you are already very effective and efficient? That’s what other people thought too - before they found out otherwise!

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