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If you think Systems Safety is expensive, try an accident

Why should we improve our systems safety thinking?

By Jim Mateer, 22/8/2017

"Tesla driver dies in first fatal crash while using autopilot mode" – The Guardian

As engineers and managers, technology and the endless possibilities it brings to improve our world, enthuses us. Increasing system complexity, however, brings new and unanticipated ways of causing harm; the fatal Tesla autonomous vehicle accident being a recent example. Historically, hazards associated with simple random and systematic failure could be identified and controlled, based upon experience and industry good practice. Today this is becoming difficult to achieve, due to the drive to quickly push novel products into competitive markets and demanding operating environments. With technology advancing, system engineers need to keep abreast of developments in safety engineering and more importantly, understand the discipline’s limitations when attempting to articulate and manage product risk. The “Fundamentals of Product Safety” course will explore how we define the safety rigour that we need to apply to new systems and products to enable us to manage credible hazards. In addition, it will explore complex and novel technologies and identify the key safety concerns and potential solutions.

If you think system safety is expensive try an accident.

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