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Customer Journey Mapping

A user-centred approach in B2B processes.

By Shaun West, 2/7/2018

Customer Journey Mapping is a customer-centred approach (typically found in B2C settings) that creates a useful framework to improve customer interactions from the pre-sales stage, right through covering the entire operational life-cycle of the equipment. In a B2B environment, it gives you new insights into who your customers are, and their experience of your product at every touch point.

The process helps you to effectively identify who your customers are, what they need and when they need it. Then, you can deliver. Where multiple channels are used to interact with your customers, the process also helps to unify communications through a cohesive identity, thus ensuring consistency in how your brand and product is experienced, ultimately, growing sales volumes.

In B2B environments, this approach isn’t so commonly used as there are long-term service relationships that are based on the initial equipment sales. However, where Customer Journey Mapping is used in capital equipment sales and service delivery, it helps suppliers and their agents to improve internal coordination of sales and execution activities. This supports the integration of CRM tools in what can be very complex environments.

In short, the Customer Journey Mapping process supports your internal processes and gets you and your product more aligned with your customer’s buying process.

Their thinking, their feeling, their experience = your product.

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