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An Ode to the Engineer

A poem from SE-Training GmbH


An Ode To The Engineer

We are an enigma that’s for sure,

People think our job is one to endure.

Often, a grimace, when we reveal our profession,

As though we have made a shock confession!

Well, we are here to set things straight,

Engineering is awesome, inspiring and great!

From a single idea we can build a dream,

Within our multi-disciplinary team.

How can we not love what we do?

When we build bridges, rockets and computer chips too!

Tunnels, buildings, planes and cars,

We’ve even put a spaceship on Mars!

From objectives to concept and then formation,

Ensuring the product gets thorough exploration.

Developing, designing and defining,

Integrating, implementing and product refining.

The projects are complex, the discoveries endless,

But we continue to make advancements and progress.

Assessing risks and defeating issues each day,

Like intrepid explorers, we’ll always find the way.

We innovate, resolve and build inventions,

Momentous achievements that affect generations.

We work until our products succeed and perform,

And into the world they go forth and transform.

With our solutions we exceed expectations,

In the form of the most wondrous creations.

We love a process and a system,

It’s fair to say we can’t resist them!

We are scientists, designers and analysts,

Writing this poem to you to insist,

That next time you meet an engineer,

Please, don’t sneer. See them as a pioneer.

- By Tanith Warwick-Watson

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