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Title image for Return of investment from Continuous Professional Development

Return of investment from Continuous Professional Development

The top 5 reasons to invest in your Engineering team’s professional development
By Mike Johnson, 28/3/2023

Developing medium to high complex technical systems is challenging, even the most competent and capable Engineering Organisations can make design mistakes with massive negative consequences.…

Title image for March Newsletter

March Newsletter

By Mike Johnson, 27/3/2023

The March 2023 edition of ON:SET…

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A guest post from Mr Markus Walker
By Mike Johnson, 16/1/2023

The SE-ZERT® program has initiated a unique opportunity for current holders of the INCOSE CSEP and ESEP accreditations to gain the Certified Systems Engineer (GfSE)®…



By Mike Johnson, 6/1/2023

We are pleased to announce that we are now accredited by INCOSE UK as an Endorsed Training Provider. To have achieved this status and recognition…

Title image for 7 reasons why Timesheets for Engineers should be abolished

7 reasons why Timesheets for Engineers should be abolished

By Mike Johnson, 3/1/2023

7 reasons why Timesheets for Engineers should be abolished I have worked for many Engineering companies during my career and had the privilege of working with…

Title image for December 2022 Newsletter

December 2022 Newsletter

By Mike Johnson, 15/12/2022

[SE-Training Newsletters] …

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Gain expert professional development with SE-training
By Mike Johnson, 7/12/2022

Did you know SE-Training have been an approved educational provider of Temptraining since 2019. Temptraining offers subsidized further training for temporary employees in Switzerland…

Title image for HOPE


By Mike Johnson, 10/11/2022

I often hear this statement, "Hope is not a [management] strategy". I feel uneasy about this statement. It feels contradictory to how I…

Title image for The OODA Loop

The OODA Loop

By SE-Training Partner Company, 27/9/2022

We are privileged to be able to share this core thesis from Mark J McGrath. Mark, a former Captain in the US Marine Corps, helps…

Title image for September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022 Newsletter

By Seb Klabes & Mike Johnson, 26/9/2022

SE-Training newsletter…

Title image for Newsletter


June 2022
By Seb Klabes & Mike Johnson, 3/6/2022

June 2022 newsletter (PDF)…

Title image for Living with Risks

Living with Risks

By Mike Johnson, 15/3/2022

It was 2005, a few weeks following the fateful 7/7 London bombings which had shocked the nation. I was working in Taunton, UK at…

Title image for Marco Di Maio on SWISSED21

Marco Di Maio on SWISSED21

By Marco Di Maio, 27/10/2021

We spoke with Marco Di Maio, expert on Systems Engineering, and one of SE-Training's course presenters on his experience at SWISSED21. Here’s what he had…

Title image for The Importance of the Scientific Method

The Importance of the Scientific Method

By guest author: Finlay MacRitchie

Although science has made great contributions to civilization there still remains a lack understanding around the scientific method. Most understand that it involves observations, their…

Title image for Perseverance: An Inspiration for us all

Perseverance: An Inspiration for us all

By Mike Johnson, 6/5/2021

For many the start of 2021 lacked the hope and optimism that normally transpires when embarking on a new year. With most of the world…

Title image for An Ode to the Engineer

An Ode to the Engineer

A poem from SE-Training GmbH

An Ode To The Engineer We are an enigma that’s for sure, People think our job is one to endure. Often, a grimace, when we reveal…

Title image for 12 Angry Men, 1957

12 Angry Men, 1957

An Architect Doing What Architects Do Best
By Mike Johnson, 4/10/2019

The primary assumption is that folks reading this blog have watched the film, 12 Angry Men. If not, please watch it and, in advance…

Title image for SE-Training is now eduQua accredited!

SE-Training is now eduQua accredited!

By Raphy Mendoza, 23/8/2019

EDUQUA is the first and leading quality accrediting body for institutions providing continuing professional training and development in Switzerland. Its purpose is to create transparency…

Title image for Implementing Agility in 2019

Implementing Agility in 2019

Consider these low hanging fruits

In the coming year, we will be releasing a series of articles through our newsletter proposing some low hanging fruits for realising and implementing agility…

Title image for Swiss Quality – what does it mean?

Swiss Quality – what does it mean?

Our experience of sponsoring SWISSED18 in Zürich.
By Raphy Mendoza, 27/10/2018

SWISSED is the Swiss Systems Engineering Day 2018 directed by SSSE, the Swiss chapter of INCOSE. If you’re reading this, you’re quite possibly a Systems…

Title image for Configuration Management Strategies

Configuration Management Strategies

Integrate flexibility, handle complex projects with The Trailing Baseline.
By Seb Klabes, 6/10/2018

The engineering design process converts conceptual ideas into configuration items. These configuration items represent the design solution. Different project lifecycles place unique demands on this…

Title image for SWISSED 18 - Celebrating 5 Years!

SWISSED 18 - Celebrating 5 Years!

A letter from Mike Johnson (SE-Training Co-Founder and Presenter)
By Mike Johnson, 1/8/2018

This year, we are proud Gold Sponsors of SWISSED for the 3rd year running! SWISSED18 is our fifth consecutive annual Systems Engineering symposium. This is no…

Title image for Project Managers' Essentials

Project Managers' Essentials

Why PM principles are relevant to Systems Engineers.
By Piet Belgraver, 12/7/2018

I'm an engineer! What has Project Management got to do with me?! At some point Development / Analysis Engineers, Verification and Validation Leads and Systems Engineers will…

Title image for IEEE SoSE Paris - Our Take-Away

IEEE SoSE Paris - Our Take-Away

Paris was, indeed, a good idea.
By Raphy Mendoza, 3/7/2018

SoSE in Paris: Our Take-Away This year, we were proud sponsors of System of Systems Engineering conference. The theme this year was “Systems of Systems Management…

Title image for Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

A user-centred approach in B2B processes.
By Shaun West, 2/7/2018

Customer Journey Mapping is a customer-centred approach (typically found in B2C settings) that creates a useful framework to improve customer interactions from the pre-sales stage,…

Title image for Servitization: An Introduction

Servitization: An Introduction

From product to service - shift your business for added value.
By Shaun West, 20/6/2018

Servitization is a transformation journey - it involves firms (often manufacturing firms) developing the capabilities they need to provide services and solutions that supplement their…

Title image for Systems Engineering Foundations

Systems Engineering Foundations

Build strong foundations, be better at what you do.
By Mike Johnson, 20/6/2018

SE Training's three-day Foundation Course is very much at the core of our educational and professional development services. The Foundation Course is designed to…

Title image for Improving the Results of Reviews and Inspections

Improving the Results of Reviews and Inspections

People make mistakes. Don't let it cost you a fortune.
By Niels Malotaux, 20/6/2018

People make mistakes. We are people. So, if we completed a document, plan, design, model, code, contract, and the like, there are still issues. If…

Title image for Quality on Time.

Quality on Time.

The right results, at the right time. Every time.
By Niels Malotaux, 20/6/2018

How to deliver the right results, at the right time. No excuses needed. Of course, the projects you’re in are always delivered successfully and on…

Title image for Solving MBSE Adoption Challenges

Solving MBSE Adoption Challenges

Transform your game with a human-centred approach
By Mohammad Chami, 14/3/2018

Systems Engineering process lifecycle activities performed by systems engineers can be distinguished into two distinct methods: Document-Based Systems Engineering (DBSE) and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).…

Title image for Technical Problem Solving - Stay Ahead of Complexity

Technical Problem Solving - Stay Ahead of Complexity

Be prepared for 2020 and Beyond!
By Mike Johnson, 7/2/2018

The meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos is a reminder of a key statement made in 2016 with respect to the future of…

Title image for British Airways' IT System Crash

British Airways' IT System Crash

It's just the tip of the iceberg for companies who have underestimated the complexity in today's technical systems.
By Mike Johnson, 1/2/2018

Experts are predicting that BA’s recent IT system failure may cost the airline in excess of £100 million. Savvy IT managers of companies around the…

Title image for Acoustics Systems Engineering

Acoustics Systems Engineering

The Science of Sound and Silence
By Nick Eaton, 18/1/2018

Acoustics generally means sound. When we talk about noise, it's unwanted sound that we need to reduce. People are sensitive to sound and too much…

Title image for Why you should combine design thinking and systems thinking in front end innovation

Why you should combine design thinking and systems thinking in front end innovation

Differentiate in the process of growth
By Patrick Link, 21/12/2017

The early stages of an innovation process are often called Front End Innovation, Upstream or Upfront Innovation or Pre-Development-Phase. They are characterized by the ambiguity,…

Title image for Systems Reliability

Systems Reliability

4 Reasons why you should invest in systems behaviour analysis
By Seb Klabes, 30/11/2017

Reliability is one of the most, if not the most important quality attribute of a system; customers rank the reliability of their cars frequently as…

Title image for Über Referenda!

Über Referenda!

How could a systems approach help?
By Mike Johnson, 25/10/2017

As Transport for London’s (TfL) ban on Über comes into effect, there appear to be quite polarised views for and against this somewhat disruptive taxi…

Title image for If you think Systems Safety is expensive, try an accident

If you think Systems Safety is expensive, try an accident

Why should we improve our systems safety thinking?
By Jim Mateer, 22/8/2017

"Tesla driver dies in first fatal crash while using autopilot mode" – The Guardian As engineers and managers, technology and the endless possibilities it brings to…

Title image for Why you should become a systems thinker

Why you should become a systems thinker

Systems Thinking with Dr. Joseph Kasser
By Joe Kasser, 1/4/2017

You become a more proficient problem solver. Systems thinkers see things from different perspectives which allows them to identify issues other people cannot. Traditional systems…

Title image for Engineering: Simplicity in Complexity

Engineering: Simplicity in Complexity

By Seb Klabes, 16/1/2017

I recently came across the article from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). I believe the article does a good job in identifying twelve megatrends for…

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