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SE Foundations Course Logo
SE Foundations

The Systems Engineering foundations course provides a solid background of the core Systems Engineering discipline. Including learning and practicing the application of Systems Engineering methodologies, enhancing know-how with an interactive workshop and covering detailed use…

SE Management Course Logo
SE Management

The SE Management course's target audience are people working in engineering management roles, such as, Research and Development manager, Systems Engineering manager, Design and Development manager or any such role that involves implementing engineering organisational…

Quality On Time Course Logo
Quality On Time

We will study and exercise techniques how to continuously improve our effectiveness and efficiency, how to predict what we will have done when and taking the consequence, solving the discipline problem, exploiting our intuition mechanism,…

Product Development Course Logo
Product Development

A good Definition and Conceptual Design, that take place at the very early stages of the product development, are known as major keys to success of new products. A systematic, step by step design method…

A Systemic and Systematic Methodology for Solving Complex Problems Course Logo
A Systemic and Systematic Methodology for Solving Complex Problems

This course focuses on systems engineering as a systemic and systematic methodology for solving complex problems. The course discusses thinking, systems thinking as a way of understanding a situation and the benefits of going beyond…

Systems Approach to  Project Management Course Logo
Systems Approach to  Project Management

This course defines a holistic approach to project management for the development of new complex techno-centric systems. The emphasis is on the relationships and interconnections between project management processes and systems engineering processes for new…

Systems Thinking and Beyond Course Logo
Systems Thinking and Beyond

Holistic thinking is a combination of analysis, systems thinking and critical thinking. After an introduction to systems thinking and critical thinking, Participants will learn how to apply holistic thinking in a systemic and systematic manner…

MBSE & SysML Introduction Course Logo
MBSE & SysML Introduction

This course provides the participants a combination of the fundamental and practical aspects of MBSE and SysML. The course first deals with explaining the core concepts of MBSE. Next, several practical exercises are performed to…

MBSE & SysML Intermediate Course Logo
MBSE & SysML Intermediate

This course provides the participants a solid foundation about the fundamental and practical aspects of MBSE and SysML. Participants will learn more about how to interpret and understand SysML models, their elements and how to…

Improving the Result of Reviews and Inspections Course Logo
Improving the Result of Reviews and Inspections

Document Inspections are one of the most economical and necessary techniques for eliminating, and, even more important, preventing defects. Reviews are often done, but produce only a fraction of the really important defects that should…

Fundamentals of System and Product Safety Course Logo
Fundamentals of System and Product Safety

This course will provide attendees with a solid foundation in the motivations for and techniques associated with, designing safer systems and products. We will review a variety of real life accidents and explore their…

Complexity in Project and Programme Management Course Logo
Complexity in Project and Programme Management

The Cynefin framework has now been used around the world in contexts as diverse as the boardrooms of international fashion houses, software development teams and SWAT teams on the city streets. Decision-makers have applied it…

Design Thinking and Lean Innovation Introduction Course Logo
Design Thinking and Lean Innovation Introduction

Learn how to combine Systems Engineering with Design Thinking and Lean Start-up in the upfront Innovation phase (Pre-Development-Phase). The Design Thinking course gives you a deep understanding of the Design Thinking mindset and its problem-solving…

Design Thinking and Lean Innovation Advanced Course Logo
Design Thinking and Lean Innovation Advanced

Design Thinking and Lean Innovation are easy to understand concepts, however with the practice more questions arises. In this advanced workshop we dig deeper and learn additional tools and methods (like business ecosystem design), reflect…

Acoustics Systems Engineering Course Logo
Acoustics Systems Engineering

Acoustics involves the generation of noise, it’s transfer through solid structures and fluids, and the response of the receiver (a person or equipment). Usually the objective is to control the response to an acceptable level…

Systems Reliability Course Logo
Systems Reliability

The system reliability course provides in depth knowledge and training on the practical analysis and modelling of system reliability. The participants will firstly be introduced to the relationships between reliability, availability and maintainability. They will…

Problem Solving for Business Course Logo
Problem Solving for Business

In the business domain complexity is caused by many factors and constraints, such as sudden changes to the market, competitive challenges, limited resources and a high uncertainty on what the Customer’s actually need.

Solving complex…

Technical Problem Solving Course Logo
Technical Problem Solving

Solving complex problems is one of the most urgently required skills in our current time. As technologies become more advanced, the possible solutions created by them become more and more complex to understand, design for…

Configuration Management Course Logo
Configuration Management

Managing the complexity of products along their lifecycle is an increasing challenge in many industries. Knowing and controlling the state of mechatronical systems during development, in the supply chain and after sales is a basic…

Project Manager's Essentials Course Logo
Project Manager's Essentials

The project management essentials course provides a solid background of the core of the Project management discipline. It is including the learning and practicing the application of the Project management methodologies, knowledge areas and enhancing…

Modelling and Simulations Course Logo
Modelling and Simulations

Course due in 2019, more details will follow.…

Servitization: An Introduction Course Logo
Servitization: An Introduction

The transition of product-based business into a more balanced product and
service business is in no way a simple change. It is not as simple as delivering new
products to the market as it requires…

Cradle-to-Grave: Equipment Life-Cycle Analysis Course Logo
Cradle-to-Grave: Equipment Life-Cycle Analysis

This workshop is based on the use of a total cost of ownership model that considers, in the main, the operational life of the equipment and the services that are needed to keep the equipment…

Customer Journey Mapping Course Logo
Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a key part of developing and improving the customer experience, which is critical to long-term sustainable business relationships. The mapping process provides deep and actionable insights in to the customers touchpoints,…

COTS Based Systems Engineering (CBSE) Course Logo
COTS Based Systems Engineering (CBSE)

COTS based System Engineering (CBSE) brings fundamental changes in how Systems Engineers do their work. COTS - Commercial Off-The-Shelf item, can be defined as a non - developmental item (NDI) of supply that is commercial…

Creativity and Project Management  Course Logo
Creativity and Project Management

Project management is a well-proven method to deliver a specific outcome to a customer. The outcome can be a tangible product or something much less tangible (such as a change management program). The customer can…

Systems and Systemic Requirements Engineering and Management Course Logo
Systems and Systemic Requirements Engineering and Management

This course equips participants with the appropriate understanding of the difficulty of writing good requirements, the use of requirement management as an approach for controlling change and measuring the degree of completion of a project…

Systems Engineering for Specialist Vehicles Course Logo
Systems Engineering for Specialist Vehicles

This course is designed to provide an understanding of a full lifecycle systems approach to the development of specialist vehicles and integration of their systems, particularly in the military context.

This course is delivered in partnership…

Virtual Product and Solution Development Course Logo
Virtual Product and Solution Development

This 1 day class is a combination of lectures and workshops. During the workshops we will work on your implementation and roll-out plan. The intention is to provide the audience with an overall understanding of…


Bespoke Course Logo

Our Team is composed of a flexible, competent and experienced group of individuals. We can offer to assist with the definition of you or your Organisation's engineering training needs, architect courses tailored to fulfill those needs, then finally support the implementation of the training.
To discuss this further, please contact us.

Seminar Bespoke Section Logo

The courses we offer are applicable to various disciplines and can be adapted to be presented as shorter workshops. This is an ideal solution for interactive workshops and seminars that can be held at Universities, Conferences and Corporate events.

Tutorial Bespoke Section Logo

Delivering training courses to smaller groups can be highly beneficial; all of our courses can be tailored for smaller tutorial groups in order to cover the topics in more depth. This is ideal for University and bespoke training programmes.

Conference Bespoke Section Logo

Within our team, we have leading experts in the fields of Engineering and Programme Management. We can connect you with the key note speakers and presenters at your next conference.


Event Modal

The Team

We are an international team of experts specialising in cross-functional disciplines such as Systems Engineering and Project Management, working across multiple industries and academia.

Photo of Seb KlabesSeb Klabes

Sebastian has authored and reviewed numerous publications and likes to implement systems engineering principles.

After working at the Institute of Transport Science of RWTH Aachen as…

Photo of Mike JohnsonMike Johnson

Mike has worked leading challenging product development roles predominantly in the Space and Defence Industries since completing his Masters degree in Photonics and Optoelectronic devices…

Photo of Mohammad ChamiMohammad Chami

Model based systems engineering expert with a solid academic and industrial experience in modelling languages, processes, developing and deploying methods for system modelling and customising…

Photo of Joe KasserJoe Kasser

Joseph Kasser has been a practicing systems engineer for almost 50 years and an academic for 20 years. He is a Fellow of the Institution…

Photo of Niels MalotauxNiels Malotaux

Niels Malotaux is an independent Project Coach and expert in optimizing project performance. He has some 40 years of experience in designing electronic and software…

Photo of Amihud HariAmihud Hari

Dr. Amihud Hari now heads Design Speedovation Inc. He is a facilitator, consultant and instructor of New-Product Development, System Engineering and Engineering Design methods. His…

Photo of Richard MaguireRichard Maguire

Richard Maguire BEng MSc CEng FIMechE MSaRS MBCS has vast experience in safety engineering across a number of diverse technologies including, aviation, weapons, communication systems,…

Photo of Jim MateerJim Mateer

JIM MATEER BSc, MSc, MIET, MRAeS has a background in engineering within the hazardous fast jet and weapons environment. For the last twelve years,…

Photo of Dave SnowdenDave Snowden

Founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge. His work is international in nature and covers government and industry looking at complex issues relating…

Photo of Shaun WestShaun West

Shaun West has worked for over 18 years in the aftermarket for GE Energy Services (Italy), Sulzer Rotating Equipment Services (Switzerland) and RWE (UK) before…

Photo of Bert TaeymansBert Taeymans

Bert Taeymans is employed at the business unit Solution Integration/Workflow & IT Solutions of Roche Diagnostics International.

Bert Taeymans leads the Systems Engineering team designing and…

Photo of Piet BelgraverPiet Belgraver

Piet Belgraver started his career as electronic development engineer for several engineering companies in the Netherlands. He continued extending his technical expertise in the high…

Photo of Jürg MeierhoferJürg Meierhofer

Since 2016, he has been employed full time at ZHAW as a lecturer, researcher, and consultant for data product design. He has a passion for…

Photo of Petra MüllerPetra Müller

Petra has been teaching since 2003 and has been Professor of Design Management in the Bachelor and Further Education Program at the Lucerne University of…

Photo of Günter ZepfGünter Zepf

Since 2009, he has been a Lecturer for Product Innovation at the Lucene University of Applied Science and Art. He teaches on both the Bachelor…

Photo of Michael LerwickMichael Lerwick

Michael Lewrick, PhD, MBA has had different roles over the last few years. He was responsible for strategic growth, acted as Chief Innovation Officer and…

Photo of Thomas MeenkenThomas Meenken

Thomas is a passionate driver of Systems Engineering and more specifically numerical simulation to promote complex systems development to its next level.

He has worked in…

Photo of Jim SilerJim Siler

Jim Siler specialized in building plants for the Power, Energy, Waste, Oil & Gas industries. His earlier career with GE and then ABB were focused…

Photo of Marco Di MaioMarco Di Maio

Marco is professor of Systems Engineering at Ingolstadt University. Before tha, he was the managing director of Projectglobe Ltd.; a boutique consultancy firm specialising in…

Photo of Esteban MarksEsteban Marks

Esteban, Dr.Eng, M.Eng., started his career as an academic working in multidisciplinary fields such as materials science, simulation, neural networks and image processing. Since 2011,…

Photo of Dr. Deasún Ó ConchúirDr. Deasún Ó Conchúir

Dr. Deasún is a highly knowledgeable and experienced Consultant, skilled at supporting staff at all levels in 4 languages (D, E, F, G) to resolve…

Photo of Wojciech OzimekWojciech Ozimek

He is a cofounder and the Chairman of Central European Affiliate of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) – the oldest and most prestigious…

Photo of Patrick HardingPatrick Harding

Multi-faceted digital technology enthusiast with deep experience obtained from a professional career as a Systems Engineer, scientist, mathematician, physicist, Software Engineer, programmer and administrator.

Specialist domain…

Photo of Colin HoodColin Hood

Colin Hood started work in the Electrical and Electronic industry in 1977 and has been a Systems Engineer since 1985. Colin Hood is a…


We signed up for the training as a small team of Melexis Systems Architects. All practitioners but not formally trained in Systems Engineering — and therefore speaking a different language as far as Systems Engineering is concerned. Our aim was to find common grounds: common terminology, approach and reasoning, while getting up-to-speed with the state of the art. The training fully addressed our expectations. We now have a strong foundation, backed by the INCOSE handbook, to grow further as a team, and develop the next generation of complex products with more confidence. The workshop at the end of each day deserve special praise: it really allowed us to make sense of the methodology.

Gaël Close, PhD, Melexis Technologies

My background is in requirements engineering and I recently attended SE-Training’s 3 day Systems Engineering Fundamentals course with the aim of expanding my general Systems Engineering knowledge. Mike and Sebastian are professional, competent and confident presenters who are clearly extremely experienced in both the theory and practical application of Systems Engineering. Between them they have worked in a number of different industries and it is clear that they have drawn on these experiences in creating a well-structured training course. The content provided a thorough overview of Systems Engineering, as well as including numerous real world examples and providing many tips and techniques that I’m sure I’ll use in my future work.

We covered a great deal of material, but there was always time for discussions and questions, and it was very interesting to hear about the Systems Engineering experiences of the other participants. A particular highlight for me was the workshop section at the end of every day, where we had the opportunity to try out the things we had learnt. The workshop tasks build on each other from day to day and it was helpful to reinforce understanding of the techniques as well as being a lot of fun!

I can thoroughly recommended this training.

Sarah Bostock, Bernafon

The Workshop is one of the best seen in many trainings (well prepared, enough time/attention given, logical link between exercises), an asset of the training!!!

Vincenzo Sacco, project Manager, Melexis Technologies

Drawing on his vast industry and teaching experience, Dr. Shaun West consistently delivers high energy, entertaining University courses which promote interaction and active learning amongst class participants.

Throughout the courses, fundamental theory concepts are explained through comprehensive inputs and supported by topical and relevant examples. Learning is further supported by the direct application of concepts with the use of case studies and group works. Results and findings are later discussed openly between Shaun and the participants, allowing for deeper and long lasting understanding.

Shaun’s courses promote fun, relaxed, and relevant learning- I can enthusiastically recommend them.

Rachel Cummings, Student, University of Luzerne

Joe Kasser's course was a huge help to acquire the full picture.

Eugenio Forzano, Industry and Transformation Specialist

Niels’ Quality On Time approach is deceptively simple

Anonymous, R&D Manager, Ireland

I have never before absorbed so much information in such a short time. Normally such talks drain my energy. This time however, I felt energized

Anonymous, Developer, Netherlands

This is practical stuff we can start using immediately. I’ve heard many presentations, but this one was absolutely the best.

Anonymous, Systems Engineer, Israel

First I worked 60 hr a week. Now I work 40 hr a week, doing more, and having a family life.

Anonymous, Satellite Communications Engineer, Japan

I have taken many project management courses in my life. They all skipped issues like discipline, focus, permanent application of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, creating stakeholder value in short cycles, and consciously generating feedback. All problems Niels addresses are mentioned in books that seek solutions in numerous kinds of formal control mechanisms, which do not address the issues at the root of the problems. Niels does, and succeeds too.

Anonymous, Development Group Leader, Netherlands

First we tried Agile (XP) development. Result: over budget and over time due to informal and direct communication between stakeholders (wish list was too long and unmanaged).
Then we tried Waterfall with extensive initial documentation (CMM). Result: over budget and over time due to planning problems and changed requirements on delivery. Finally we tried Niels' approach. Result: implementation in an unusual short period of time; stakeholder participation much better; end result closer to stakeholder expectations. We keep using this approach.

Anonymous, Software Project Manager, Netherlands

"Jürg Meierhofer's pragmatic educational approach with theory and practice intertwined and many external guest lectures helps me to understand “the digital world” much better. ... This training course was the right education to bring me to my next career step from a BI Expert today to a Digital Officer of Digital Transformation in the near future.“

Anonymous, Senior BI Consultant

Patrick Link supported us with the development of a tailor-made methodology framework for our proprietary innovation program.

In interactive workshops, he uses hands-on training to teach the methodology and uses an actual business case to further familiarize the course participants with each step of the program.

Roland Künzi, Head of Operations, ALSO Schweiz AG

As a Business Engineering student at the HSLU I had the pleasure to attend Shaun Wests courses and in addition work in several different projects with him as advisor.

Shaun West has a unique ability to empower students and their projects by supporting them in a very constructive way.

Stoll Oliver

Experienced trainers with good practical examples.

Thomas Schaub, ABB

Both trainers have a lot of experience indifferent industries which is of high value.

Roger Newbould, ABB

Content of the course was a good balance between « overview » & « detail ». Overall great training and well worth the money.


Presentation of the course was professional and easy to follow. I gained insight in to new methods and tools. Thanks for the course, I really appreciated it!

Marco Habegger, Axetris

Presentation of the course was dynamic and fun. Questions were all followed up even when answers were not immediately known.

Javier Bilbao, Melexis

Presentation of the course was very dynamic and interactive with very few dead times. It is clear that the trainers are masters of the methods.

Gael Close, Melexis

Course was overall very well prepared with a lot of examples drawn from hands-on experience. Trainers were very experienced



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Systems Engineering and Project Management are core engineering disciplines used to enable the delivery of complex projects within schedule and cost expectations.

SE-Training has been founded in Switzerland due to its unique needs for cross-functional engineering disciplines such as Systems Engineering, Project Management, Safety Engineering, Product Development and Design Thinking. The training courses compliment Switzerland’s drive, ambition and success in delivering innovate and high quality products and services. There are a high number of engineering organisations based in the country with a diverse spectrum of needs. SE-Training's aim is to address these unique needs through courses provided by experienced Engineering professionals and academics.

SE-Training was founded by Sebastian Klabes and Mike Johnson to address the unique training needs of Academic and Industrial organisations.

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