Requirements Engineering (Zürich)

Requirements Engineering (Zürich)
Starts from: November 12, 2024 8:00AM - 5:00PM
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Class Description

Date:  12 – 13 November 2024

Duration:  2 Days

Location:  Zürich, Switzerland

Did you ever come across a 42 problem? Probably yes. The 42 problem is an answer, for which we do not have the question. Like products, we have been developing over the years, omitting proper requirements documentation, which is the answers to needs, which have been forgotten long ago. Now, everybody is trying reverse engineering with great tools and struggles.

This 2-day Requirements Engineering (RE) course gives you the fundamentals of requirements engineering, stakeholder management, and requirements documentation. It builds the basis for a later CPRE certification and introduces you to the basics of RE and its purpose as well as tooling, organizing and communicating requirements in a collaborative and agile workflow. No more misunderstandings and no more 42 problems. Guaranteed.

  • Deep understanding about the motivation for requirements & stakeholders
  • Capability to differentiate between challenge & solution spaces
  • Awareness for the role of the Requirements Engineer
  • Application of different types of requirements
  • The good and the bad – requirements and quality
  • Awareness of the importance of requirements for risk management
  • Sorting, structuring and managing requirements
  • Requirements verification and validation
  • Application of the feature-based approach to requirements
  • Toolings and sorting
  • Requirements reuse and their role for modularity
  • How to apply requirements for regulatory issues
  • Requirements Engineers
  • Product Leads
  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Integration, Verification and Validation Engineers
  • Project Managers


Oliver Fels