Practical MBSE & SysML (Zürich)

Practical MBSE & SysML (Zürich)
Starts from: October 28, 2024 8:00AM - 5:00PM
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Class Description

Date:  28 – 30 October 2024

Duration:  3 Days

Location:  Zürich, Switzerland

The Practical MBSE and SysML course provides a combination of the fundamentals of MBSE and the practical aspects of the adoption of MBSE with its concepts and key enablers for successful MBSE adoption.

The course first deals with explaining the why of MBSE based on the participants challenges with actual practices. Next, the elements of the MBSE adoption, i.e., process, method, language, and tool are explained and demonstrated with several practical exercises. Particularly, the how, i.e., the method element and its development is trained based on the participants objectives without promoting any specific modelling tool.

Finally, the course wraps up with a discussion of the human-factors of MBSE adoption and the business factors for defining, developing and deploying MBSE in real-world applications. Including what comes after MBSE is deployed to ensure a long-term strategical MBSE adoption.

The course includes individual exercises, as well as group exercises with a daily interactive workshop covering detailed MBSE use cases.

The course can be attended exclusively at a Customer’s site or in one of our regular external course venues, where there’s a healthy mixture of engineers from different backgrounds.

No prior training is required.

  • What is MBSE, modelling language, modelling method and modelling tool?
  • SysML basic concepts, elements, relations, and diagrams
  • Why should we use MBSE and how it manages system engineering challenges
  • How to start with MBSE, what to do and what not to do
  • How to develop or customize the aimed MBSE method
  • The human-factor aspects related to MBSE adoption
  • How to ensure the delivery of valuable and usable system models

All engineers, particularly systems and software engineers/architects or those who work with requirements, concept description, traceability and aim at improving how they analyse, design, and manage their systems.

All managers, particularly those who aim at deploying MBSE to reduce design time, improve product quality, manage complex products, save cost and ensure reusability.


Mohammad Chami