Systems Engineering Foundations (Zürich)

Systems Engineering Foundations (Zürich)
Starts from: October 21, 2024 8:00AM - 5:00PM
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Class Description

Date:  21 – 23 October 2024

Duration:  3 Days

Location:  Zürich, Switzerland

The SE Foundations course provides a solid background of the core Systems Engineering discipline, including learning and practicing the application of Systems Engineering methodologies.  

Over three full days, effective technical processes for implementing Systems Engineering in enterprises dealing with complex product development will be explored. Business use-cases will be studied with the view to equipping participants to manage and navigate the cultural shift required for companies to begin benefiting from Systems Engineering. To enhance and consolidate learnings each day ends with a moderated group workshop, where participants can apply the methodologies to complex projects. 

This course has been created for you whether you are an engineer, engineering manager, product developer, or other related professional.


Learn to think and apply Systems Engineering principles with our flagship SE Foundations course.

  • Defining the roles, responsibilities, and skills of a Systems Engineer.  
  • Application of Systems Engineering methodologies to complex projects.  
  • Functional Analysis for Architectural Optimisation. 
  • Technical Project-Risk Analysis 
  • Definition of appropriate and cost-effective Verification and Validation activities.  


  • To know the origins of Systems Engineering. 
  • To know the role, responsibilities and skills of a Systems Engineer. 
  • To know the terms and definitions in accordance with ISO 15288 and the Systems Engineering Handbook. 
  • To know how to apply Systems Engineering methodologies to complex project developments. 
  • To conduct functional analysis for architecture optimisation. 
  • To plan milestones with their corresponding baseline designation and control gate criterions. 
  • To conduct a technical project risk analysis.
  • To define appropriate and cost-efficient Verification & Validation activities.
  • To know key document templates such as the Systems Engineering Management Plan.
  • To assess the scope of applying for Systems Engineering professional accreditation, ASEP or CSEP. 



A minimum of 18 months’ experience within Engineering is recommended.


Mike Johnson  |    Marco di Maio